Welcome to the PLMPulse Survey

PLMPulse is the first industry-led survey hoping to shed some light into where we are in our PLM journeys and where the real value lays. It is not meant to be an academic or consulting research paper, but rather a temperature check of how industry sees PLM today – the pulse.

The survey was launched at PLMx Texas on the 16th November 2017.  The survey is now closed and we thank everybody who has participated and contributed to the results.  The PLMPulse team is now busy collating the results.

If you would like to access the presentation from PLMx Texas, please register for access to the report and much more information.

The concept of obtaining input and feedback from a diverse range of companies and industries who use a broad array of PLM vendor tools is fantastic.

The surveys explore 5 key questions which have been asked by a diverse set of companies such as Dyson, Husqvarna, SKF, Stannah Stairlifts and TI Automotive. These questions focus on PLM state today and in the future:

  • The business role PLM has not yet evolved from a tool used predominantly by Engineering.
  • The value case behind PLM is still not clear to many organisations
  • There is lack of organisational readiness to elevate the role of PLM to realise its value potential
  • Insight and analytics from PLM are far from being common which may limit its role to create insight and benefits
  • PLM will be redefined as IoT in the future, opening up new possibilities for value creation

We look forward to your input in helping make this exciting survey.