PLMPulse Introduction and Foreword by Nicholas Leeder

Nicholas Leeder presenting at the launch of PLMPulse Survey at PLMx Texas in October 2017.

Over the years I have been involved with and attended many PLM conferences, both driven by the PLM vendors or independently organised such as PI PLMx by MarketKey Limited.  Much of the content provided fantastic insight into how companies have addressed their own PLM journeys and often the presentations focused on PLM being the next big thing.

I started my own journey with PLM around 1996, now over 20 years ago. PLM has always promised so much in terms of benefits.  Today is no different… there is a lot of talk about PLM again, with Industrie 4.0, Internet of Things (IoT) and big data promising to finally unleash PLM’s potential.

But have we really progressed further than the initial use of the tools to manage CAD and Engineering data?
Has PLM and our own implementations of it led to the benefits and reached the marketing hype?

PLMPulse is the first industry-led survey hoping to shed some light into where we are in our PLM journeys and where the real value lies.  It is not meant to be an academic or consulting research paper, but rather a temperature check of how industry sees PLM today – the pulse.

The team and I were fascinated by the results but not surprised by the outcome.  As you will be able to see from the report, industry with its often confused and fractious relations with PLM and technologies still has a long way to go before the potential is fully realised.

Most importantly are the conclusions to this report.  They should guide us to how we, as industrial users of PLM, should use this information to change and adapt when defining PLM within our own organisations.  If PLM is to be the next big thing, then its role beyond engineering and executive level sponsorship needs to change.  This new secured foundation will allow organisations to strengthen PLM for the future, gaining greater value from the information inside of PLM and create the backbone for the inevitable Internet of Things (IoT)  and digital business model transformations.

Finally, I would like to thank everybody who participated in the survey.  With over 300 survey responses, the reaction from industry has been phenomenal.  This uptake demonstrates how important this topic is for industry.  In addition, the support from the teams at Husqvarna, Dyson, Stannah Stairlifts, SKF and TI Automotive in defining the scope of the survey was essential to success of the PLMPulse Survey.

Nicholas Leeder
Co-Founder of PLMPulse

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