800 people from 26 countries have visited the PLMPulse Survey… have you had your say?

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“The concept of obtaining input and feedback from a diverse range of companies and industries who use a broad array of PLM vendor tools is fantastic.”

Firstly, a huge thank you to everybody who has completed this first industry-led survey to understand where companies are on their PLM journeys. The response has been phenomenal and has surprised everybody who has been helping coordinate PLMPulse. To understand more about the PLMPulse Survey, please visit us at www.plmpulse.com.

Over the past 6 weeks had the survey accessed nearly 1,100 times from over 800 people across 26 different counties.

You still have time to respond to the PLMPulse Survey by clicking here or by copying and pasting  https://i42r.nl/2y9Tmgi into your browser

This makes PLMPulse a truly global survey and we will provide you, as PLM users, insight into matching the reality of industries adoption of PLM verses the sales messages and hype that the vendors and consultants alike are creating.

“Direct and clear, good job! I am going to waiting the answers.”

What’s next?

We are heads down right now crunching the numbers. This is a big task as we analyse over 1,900 lines of data to understand the results and feedback from you. We take this information as look to generate insights and conclusions based on the five key themes of the survey:

  1. Has PLM evolved from a tool predominantly used by Engineering?
  2. Why the value case behind PLM is still not clear to many organisations?
  3. What is the organisational readiness to unlock the value potential of PLM?
  4. Can we use analytics to gain insight and achieve more value from PLM?
  5. PLM will be redefined as IoT in the future, opening up new possibilities for value creation

“excited to review the results”

PLMx Texas

The results will be presented by myself at PLMx Texas on the 16th and 17th of October in Fort Worth, Texas.

And a shameless commercial plus…

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LinkedIn Articles and Report

We are compiling our findings in a concise report which we will publish later this year. This report will be published online via www.plmpulse.com and via a downloadable file.

Further, the conclusions and our PLMPulse thoughts for each of the key themes will be published via LinkedIn articles using the hashtag #PLMPulse.

“Thanks for taking the time to put the survey together and I look forward to reviewing the role of PLM.”

The PLMPulse has started to beat… Keep watching this space for the outcomes!

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