Introducing PLM Pulse… The first industry-led PLM survey

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Over the years I have been involved with and attended many PLM conferences, both driven by the PLM vendors or independently organised. Much of the content gave fantastic insight into how companies have addressed their own PLM journeys and often the presentations focused on PLM being the next big thing.

I started my own journey with PLM in industry around 1996, now over 20 years ago. PLM has always promised so much in terms of benefits. I remember when I started to work for IBM at the start of 2000, PLM and digital (then known as eBusiness) was a major investment and growth areas for many companies. Today is no different… there is a lot of talk about PLM again, with Industrie 4.0, Internet of Things (IoT) and big data promising to finally unleash PLM’s potential.

But have we really progressed further than the initial use of the tools to manage CAD and Engineering data? Has PLM and our own implementations of it led to the benefits and marketing hype?

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PLM Pulse is the first industry-led survey hoping to shed some light into where we are in our PLM journeys and where the real value lays. It is not meant to be an academic or consulting research paper, but rather a temperature check of how industry sees PLM today – the pulse.

The surveys between now and the end of September will explore 5 key questions which have been asked by a diverse set of companies such as Dyson, Husqvarna, SKF, and Stannah and TI Automotive. These questions focus on PLM state today and in the future:

  1. The business role PLM has not yet evolved from a tool used predominantly by Engineering.
  2. The value case behind PLM is still not clear to many organisations
  3. There is lack of cultural readiness to elevate the role of PLM to realise its value potential
  4. The use of analytics from PLM are far from being common, which may limit its role to create insight and benefits
  5. PLM will be redefined as IoT in the future, opening up new possibilities for value creation

We know these questions have been asked many times. We have all seen the presentations at the conferences. But where are we on the journey, and where to we go next?

In the coming weeks, we will post a number of short anonymous surveys on LinkedInand Twitter using the hashtag #PLMPulse. Each question will take no longer that 1 minute to complete. It should be that quick.

At PLMx Texas conference in October, we will present the result of the surveys along with a live poll with the audience. We will then collate the results in a short report which can then be accessed online.

To make this work, we will need your support and honest feedback via the surveys. So have your say on where industry is in its PLM journey and have your finger on the #PLMPulse.

We look forward to hearing what you have to say.

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