PLMPulse Results are now in…

PLMPulse Results - Overview

The original article was published here by Nick Leeder

The PLMPulse results are now in!

Back in July 2017 a group of passionate and inquisitive individuals got together to try and understand where companies were in their PLM journeys.  The premise was simple: PLM has always promised so much in terms of benefits, but has it delivered and if not, will it ever deliver?

This led to the creation of the PLMPulse Survey.

PLMPulse is the first industry-led survey hoping to shed some light into where we are in our PLM journeys and where the real value lays. It was not meant to be an academic or consulting research paper, but rather a temperature check of how industry sees PLM today – the pulse.

“The concept of obtaining input and feedback from a diverse range of companies and industries who use a broad array of PLM vendor tools is fantastic.”

The surveys we created this year explored 5 key questions which have been asked by a diverse set of companies such as Dyson, Husqvarna, SKF, and Stannah and TI Automotive. These questions focus on PLM state today and in the future:

  • The business role PLM has not yet evolved from a tool used predominantly by Engineering.
  • The value case behind PLM is still not clear to many organisations
  • There is lack of organistional readiness to elevate the role of PLM to realise its value potential
  • The use of analytics from PLM are far from being common, which may limit its role to create insight and benefits
  • PLM will be redefined as IoT in the future, opening up new possibilities for value creation

We knew these questions have been asked many times. We have all seen the presentations at the PLM conferences we attend. But where are we on the journey, and where to we go next?

“Excellent questions”

The survey which ran until the end of October was a phenomenal success.

In total nearly 360 responses were received to the surveys that we launched.  The responses were mainly received from discrete manufacturing industry sectors, with the majority distributed in the B2B, Aerospace, Automotive and Consumer Products industries.  Nearly 50% of the responses were from companies with greater than 10,000 employees.

“I liked the survey.  Good questions.”

The global nature and interest of the survey surprised us all.  The survey online was accessed by over 900 users from 27 different countries.  The main countries represented the logical strong holds from the industry sectors, but the survey was accessed from placed like Peru, Morocco, Serbia and South Korea.

All this together makes the results from the PLMPulse Survey the first truly global survey, from a diverse set of industries and company sizes.*

The initial results of the survey were launched at PI PLMx event on the 16th October in Fort Worth, Texas.  The results were warmly received by the industry audience.  The results were also quoted often during the unique PLM Leaders’ Panel, included executives, from Aras, Dassault Systèmes, Oracle, SAP and Siemens.

So what is next?

“Direct and clear, good job! I am going to waiting the answers.”

The PLMPulse team has now gathered all the responses.  We are compiling the results in an informative report that will be online at and available for download.  Our target is to have this available before the end of November 2017.  We are also collaborating with MarketKey for PI PLMx in Hamburg in Februrary 2018 for some exciting new content…  Register on to keep updated

“Excited to review the results”

We will also invite the main PLM vendors to comment on the report findings and make these available on our website.  This will help us to gain further insight into the results and hopefully influence the future of PLM development.

Access to the results and the report will be only available through registration on the website.  Click on the button to register today.

* In the spirit of statistics and information: The PLMPulse Survey was mostly accessed at 1600 CET, typically on a Wednesday… And Facebook is a not an effective channel to get peoples interest in an industry focused survey on PLM!

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